Welcome to Yemisi International, where Y-Mart leads the charge in redefining convenience as a category, not just limited to convenience stores. As our flagship brand, Y-Mart sets the standard for convenience and quality, offering innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience. Within Y-Mart, we have four major departments, each dedicated to serving our customers in unique ways:

Y-Mart - Convenience Creators and Consultants: At the forefront of our brand family, Y-Mart specializes in creating and consulting on convenience as a category. From designing efficient retail spaces to developing streamlined processes, Y-Mart ensures that convenience is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the customer journey.

Fit to Manage: This department focuses on retail commerce management, ensuring smooth operations within Y-Mart stores. From inventory optimization to staff training, Fit to Manage ensures that our stores operate efficiently, delivering convenience to our customers at every touchpoint.

Fit to Buy: Dedicated to helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions, Fit to Buy offers a curated selection of products tailored to our customers' needs. With Y-Mart's expertise in convenience, Fit to Buy ensures that customers can shop confidently, knowing they're getting the best value for their money.

Laolu's: Named after our esteemed founder, Laolu's is a commodities brand specializing in trading and retailing basic commodities. With a focus on quality and affordability, Laolu's enhances the shopping experience at Y-Mart by providing essential goods to our customers.

Commodities Share: This department manages the procurement and distribution of essential commodities across our brand portfolio. By leveraging our network of suppliers, Commodities Share ensures that Y-Mart remains stocked with a diverse range of products, meeting the demands of our customers seamlessly.

At Yemisi International, Y-Mart leads the way in reimagining convenience, with a commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of our operations. Whether you're shopping at Y-Mart or engaging with one of our specialized brands, you can trust us to deliver convenience and quality at every turn.


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